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Pension Freedom

Following the recent changes
 in pensions law your clients
will need to think 
differently about
their retirement

Pension Review

If your pension plan hasn't been
reviewed recently then
it is highly possible
that you are paying higher
charges than necessary

At Retirement Advice

When you reach
retirement you will
have to choose which
provider you will buy
your Annuity from.

Investing your pension

Many people fail to plan
sufficiently for retirement
which means that the
nearer it gets, the more
concerned they become.


An annuity converts the funds
from your pension into a regular,
secure income payable for
the rest of your life.

Workplace Pensions

Auto enrolment legislation
has been designed
to encourage a
retirement savings
culture in the UK.

Wealth Management

For our range of 
Wealth Management

Savings and Investments

Investment and Portfolio Planning,
Making your money work harder